I got sick of
started making

He is TheeClassClown

You ever go to bed
with someone on your mind..?
And you lay there
for hours at a time?
Thinkin “everything in the world
Would be just fine.
If she were here
So she could be mine…”
Those three hour conversations
That can get really deep.
You think of her in the morning
And right before you sleep.
The mystery of the future
And the old memories go adrift.
All that matters is the present
That’s why it’s a gift.
Love, lust, admiration,
Connections through the heart,
Make you question why
they weren’t there at the start.
New moments always spring
Before the curtains finally fall.
And you can finally rest
After you’ve experienced this all.
Your dreams seem more vibrant.
The negativity is silenced.
And your heart just wants more.
From the one you adore.



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why girls dont cum sometimes…


why girls dont cum sometimes…

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I support gay rights and gay lefts, I support gay ups and downs, basically any direction a gay can go

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"How fat bitches laugh"

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